"Note to self: “I love you” does not mean “I won’t ever leave you."

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i’ve learned this time and time again and it’s quite depressing but very true, however, that does not mean you should reserve yourself, you must enjoy it while it lasts and make the most of what you get.

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How did this not win a fucking Oscar

^^ because nobody knows a good actor when they see one

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Me reblogging this is my contribution to earth day

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"what doesn’t kill you
leaves scars
ruins your lungs
dries out all your tears
leaves you lying awake at 4 in the morning
wishing you weren’t alive"
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"True love is elusive, she said, sometimes I think it’s as rare as a red moon on a cloudless night."

Michael Faudet 

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"And I think the first sign you notice when you begin to gain feelings towards a person, is just how easily you get jealous when they give others the attention which you crave."
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Sometimes I wonder if certain people are genuinely supposed to meet and co-exist, but just like magnets, if you meet too quickly, the force of the collision can cause it to shatter, so perhaps you just need time to heal until you eventually meet again, because the pull is always there, it just has to be a different time and a different pace, when you can eventually join harmoniously.

Then I remember I don’t believe in fate and the above is complete nonsense.

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Sunday Epiphany by Michael Faudet
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"I’m broken inside and I can’t even explain why anymore."
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